Who am I?

Real name is Ana.
From Cebu 032, Philippines
food, books, shoes, tees
Everyone calls me Ana banana or Ana or Ann.
My workmates knows me as Hana, I know.. *facepalm*
Already 33, but still childish and pretty much stubborn.

I love to write. Though I am a frustrated writer.
I wanna sing, but my voice won’t cooperate.
MUSIC is always my everything.
I do photography if I have time.
I also want to travel this time.
A simple life is a good life.

What do I do?

Well, for starters I don’t really do any thing. This is just for fun. I go to work and go home right after. Yeah, the home-to-work-to-home type. Yeah, we’re still alive. Guess, for one, I am. I am still trying to discover what I am passionate about though. I haven’t figured that out. As said, I work for money right now, not with passion. Which is really bad. But I do read books, like to take pictures and occasionally write. I might do reviews here, or post any thing out of nowhere just cause my brain started to give me ideas, just like that.

Why imayellowbanana? Where did you get that?

I guess this started when a friend of mine from highschool called me, Ana banana. Well, I think it was originally from Freaky Friday, that movie was something back then though. I kind of liked it and started to go with it. Henceforth, I have used the name from all social medias. Though we only had Friendster, MySpace, Multiply, etc. back then. So then on, with anything I see that has bananas on them makes me giddy. *weirdest person you’ll know*

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