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My ideas are everywhere.


Who am I?

Real name is Ana.
From Cebu 032, Philippines
food, books, shoes, tees
Everyone calls me Ana banana or Ana or Ann.
My workmates knows me as Hana, I know.. *facepalm*
Already 31, but still childish and pretty much stubborn.

I love to write. Though I am a frustrated writer.
I wanna sing, but my voice won’t cooperate.
MUSIC is always my everything.
I do photography if I have time.
I also want to travel this time.
A simple life is a good life.

What do I do?

Well, for starters I don’t really do any thing. This is just for fun. I go to work and go home right after. Yeah, the home-to-work-to-home type. Yeah, we’re still alive. Guess, for one, I am. I am still trying to discover what I am passionate about though. I haven’t figured that out. As said, I work for money right now, not with passion. Which is really bad. But I do read books, like to take pictures and occasionally write. I might do reviews here, or post any thing out of nowhere just cause my brain started to give me ideas, just like that.

Why imayellowbanana? Where did you get that?

I guess this started when a friend of mine from highschool called me, Ana banana. Well, I think it was originally from Freaky Friday, that movie was something back then though. I kind of liked it and started to go with it. Henceforth, I have used the name from all social medias. Though we only had Friendster, MySpace, Multiply, etc. back then. So then on, with anything I see that has bananas on them makes me giddy. *weirdest person you’ll know*

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