I bought a kindle!

It’s been a while!

I haven’t been here for a long time, and I’m kinda, sorta sorry for that. I am working, though, and I have other stuff to take care of. It’s been a while since I talked about books; I have been having a reading slump. From what I remember, the full series I’ve read was the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan around 2019ish—yeah, it has been a while.

I have always been that person who appreciates the book more than reading on different devices. And because I wear glasses, it strains your eyes reading on phones or tablets. I did try reading on my phone once; I just can’t do it. I was really interested in getting Kobo once, too, but that didn’t pan out. I vaguely remember it being available in my city, and I had to beg my dad to get me one, and the answer was a flat-out no. I kept reading and buying books. The number of books I have on my TBR pile is less than the books I’ve read. Lol.

I’ve been hoarding many books but had so little time to get to read them: that and the reading slump. Just a month ago, my YouTube algorithm suggested watching some Kindle videos. Although I’ve been interested in getting one before, the amount of money it costs boggles my mind. And the fact that I have to buy from Amazon. However, I got so invested in it that all I watched was Kindle unboxing and comparing the devices videos from different BookTubers and content creators. I was in the Kindle black hole.

So, I went to Amazon and rechecked the price. It was a lot for someone like me, still. Despite having work, I still did have bills to pay and other responsibilities. I checked some local stores on Shopee (more like eBay here, but most things are from shops and are brand new or used). It was a lot cheaper than that on Amazon. Vouchers are also offered, and I took that opportunity to get one.

I got a Kindle Paperwhite 5, which is the latest model. I love it a lot! I’ve read two books, ‘If He Had Been With Me’ by Laura Nolin and The Little Prince. I’ve got to say, it actually amazed me how much faster I read with Kindle. I like how the device is only for reading, and you can’t be bothered to check your phone unless you really have to. It’s like I’m back to sinking my head into a book again.

I’ve been adding a lot of epubs in, too. Some for re-reads, and others are books in the series I’ve been wanting to read for a long time. I may have the first 2-3 books of the series, but with the book cover changes, it just makes me sad that they’re different. I want a cohesive look on my bookshelf, which is always a dream for every bookworm. Right now though, I can’t be bothered anymore. Books are highly expensive these days and getting the Kindle for me is kind of a resolution to that.

As of writing, I’m currently reading ‘I Want To Die but I Want to Eat Tteokbokki’ by Baek Sehee. It’s a self-help book by a successful Korean Social Media Director at a publishing house. It’s really good, it’s like I’m also talking to her psychiatrist.

It’s a recording of her dialogues with her psychiatrist over a twelve-week period, and expanding each session with her own reflective micro-essays. You can get it on Amazon in all formats. (That’s not an affiliate link. hehe)

Anyways, I hope I can do more of writing things like this again. And it’s nice to see you! 🙂

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