Hi, it’s 2022~ Anything new?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something on my blog. It’s not that I didn’t want to write; I wasn’t in the right headspace.

Remember when I said that I didn’t have plans to leave my job as a Marketing Advertiser last year? I lied.

Here’s the thing, I was not happy. In my previous post, I mentioned that the Law of Attraction has its way of finding you. I mean, I guess it did, for a reason. I was stressed and furious all the time. Not everyone, specifically most of the people I worked with, is also the same. Unfortunately, it didn’t bring any good to my mental health.

To keep a long story short, I stayed a year and 4 months being a Marketing Advertiser. I learned things on my own with little to no help. Despite the efforts made, I was told, “You know you can leave any time, right? No need to render time.”. And so I did. There were other factors why I left but let’s not discuss them here. 30 minutes after my Friday shift, I sent my resignation email stating that I won’t be coming back. I will be returning the laptop they’ve provided. That’s it.

I didn’t work for the next 2 months after that. Did I regret the resignation? No. Did it bring me peace? Yes, it did. I found out that you can also find red flags in having a job. You’ll see them clearly when you’ve taken a step back and reflected on what caused the instability you’ve experienced.

Those 2 months made me see clearly what I want to be in the next job that I’ll be taking. What I want to get from the company or people that I’ll be working with. What I can give to them and correct my shortcomings.

I didn’t waste 2 months just idling. I looked all over LinkedIn and other job sites for the job that I think I’ll be good at and present who I am as an individual and the team player they need. I’m blessed that I found people who see my flaws as something they and I can work on to make better mistakes.

I guess what I am saying is do not take on a job because you need to pay your bills. Take the time to search for the company you’re applying for if they fit what you’re looking for. Your mental health should also play a part in looking for a job that fits you well.

I hope everyone is taking care of themselves and staying safe. 🙂

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