What have you achieved this 2020?

First, belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! But if you don’t celebrate such things, Happy Holidays!

What have you achieved this 2020? No one is asking but this question just comes to mind since everyone is stuck at home.

This is a year-ender post, even though I have neglected to post anything this year. I have been scrolling through social media and of course, have read so many things that my friends or acquaintances have achieved this year. You know despite being at home for the last 9 months, etc. Everyone has all the time in the world, right?

Most of them have lost weight, others have established businesses, and some even got engaged or got married. And then there’s me. I lost and then gained some more weight. I quit my job as a writer, got a new job as a Marketing Advertiser. Still drinking my feelings on a Friday night, either re-watching Outlander or scrolling through Netflix. Was it worth it? Heck yeah, anything for my mental health and what makes me happy.

This is no pity party! Hey, I like how my decisions turned out. I’m much more carefree now than I had before. I used to be so conscious of what I am doing and if I was doing it right, that I limit what I can do. Not just for myself but for the work I’m doing. It’s also a huge leap that I used to write for a living to advertising stuff on the internet. It is, however, this is a huge challenge that I am trying to take, learn more of, and hopefully excel as the time comes.

Though with my current job, I can still practice what I am good at, what I think I am good at, which is writing. Though I don’t do it as much as before, I don’t have any plans of leaving it. And also, I am up to the challenge of acing that Google Ad Certification. 😉 It’s one more thing to be ready for by next year. 2021 is going to be a process, a healing stage, and conquering fears.

As for 2020, it’s just the worst year for everyone. Many died, many got lost, most of us are still finding our way. So, the question “what have you achieved this year?” came up when a friend pointed out that Taylor Swift put out 2 albums this year. No, I’m not a fan. She said she didn’t achieve anything. Contrary to what she said, I told her, being alive, healthy, and not getting the virus is an achievement in itself.

I still kicked 2020 in the arse if I may say so, despite occasional asthma and anxiety attacks. I’m good, breathing in asthma 😆, and still trying to figure things at my own pace.

Manifest what you want to achieve or have in the coming year. The Law of attraction has proven to be effective. 

Live long and prosper. May the force be with you.

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