My First Published Site~

Hey, I just made my first site! Welcome! Lol. I have no proper theme on this site and as stubborn as I can be, I do not want to have one. I want this to be any thing and everything under the sun. I am still not sure what I can bring to the readers of this site as well as if I can feed what they want from me. Still though, I am wanting to do this out of fun and bring back my love for creating sites like I did before. Kinda nerdy. I know.

I should post like my travels, because I did go to Seoul last October, my FIRST ever international travel. My FIRST ever travel alone for that matter. I should post any reviews of books that I will be reading in the future, if I ever get out of this 1 year reading slump. I might post pictures as well from my handy-dandy cell phones. Should I get a mirrorless camera? Let us see.

You might just have this site for the next year and stop right after. I am so bad at keeping things active. You should see my Tumblr and Twitter. I only keep things active on Instagram and Facebook, but this is the only commitment I can think of that I can keep. You can see that I haven’t been in a relationship for a while. Trust issues. I hope you and I keep in touch and you’ll enjoy my contents!

Stay tuned for any of my shenanigans~

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