[Story Time] Adore

I don’t mean to run
But every time you come around
I feel more alive than ever
And I guess it’s too much

Maybe we’re too young
And I don’t even know what’s real
But I know I never

Wanted anything so bad
I’ve never wanted anyone so bad

               There goes my heart. I despise him so much when I do not even know why. He was a transfer at my school. And I didn’t know what got into my principal’s brains, when he wanted me to tour the guy around the school. I mean our school isn’t that big. Well, that was the past. Now he’s my boss. Actually not really. Since he stopped school and pursued his dreams to be a front man on a rock band. I should have been happy right? Since he’ll be out of my hair! Finally! I WAS HAPPY but my eyes kept looking out for that boy. Someone who keeps poking my cheek for no reason. “Ugh!!” I screamed as I got in front of the studio door.

              “What happened to you?” Aidan asked. I looked at him, a hint of worry in his eyes. “Nothing.” I told him as I placed the coffee the producers wanted. “Please give that to Coby and Dallas. Thanks. I got to go, I need to clean up the mess you made.” I turned around and opened the door. Only to stop dead when I felt his hand hold my wrist so tight. “What do you want?” I asked him flatly. Looking straight at the door. “Sorry…” He said. I don’t know what he means. “Why?” I asked, still looking straight at the door. I felt his grip on my wrist tighter. “Aidan, you’re hurting me.” I told him. I heard him sigh and felt his grip loosen and heard him walk back to his seat. Still confused at his actions I opened the door and left.

Help me come back down
I’m high above the clouds
You know I’m suffocating
But I blame this town

Why do I deny
The things that burn inside?
Down deep I’m barely breathing
But you just see a smile

And I don’t wanna let this go
Really I just want to know

               I’ve been in this industry, music, for how many years now. With all those scandals I’ve been in, my very first album got in trouble. My love life. Even my love life! They are making me look like I’m a play boy. I’ve been thinking of quitting this celebrity joint. But there is Teagan, Teagan Bryce. When I left high school I promised to look for her when I get famous. But since I’m busy with all my work. I didn’t got the chance to look for her. But she saw me. I didn’t have the chance to look for her but she found me. And all I need to do now, is tell her how I feel. I know I’m a bully when we were teenagers but all that is just the desire to touch you. I love seeing how frustrated she look when I mess up her hair. I love the pout she gives everytime I pinch her cheeks. Ah! Those rosy cheeks.

              When she got inside, I wanted to just hug her and pin her against the wall. But no. She’s still the same Teagan I know. Serious and always means business. “What happened to you?” I asked her. Those eyes I have always loved to look at before. “Nothing.” She answered, in a straight forward way. The girl I’ve always knew. I saw the coffee cups she’s bringing. “Please give that to Coby and Dallas. Thanks. I got to go, I need to clean up the mess you made..” She said. I want you to say my name with those pretty lips. She turned around and opened the door but I caught her. I wanted to pin her on the door. I want to crash my lips on hers. I want to let everything loose. But I can’t. I can’t do that to her. I just can’t. “What do you want?” Teagan asked curtly. “I have something to tell you.” That’s what I wanted to say. Confess to her how I feel. I tightened my grip on her wrist. “Sorry…” I whispered. That’s the only thing that my mouth could produce. “Why?” I looked at her long straight hair. I wanted to explain but nothing is coming out. My knuckles turned white as my hand tightened my grip on her skinny arm. “Aidan, you’re hurting me.” She said, almost tearing up. I’m still hurting her even though I just want to hold her. I let her go and went back to my chair. I heard her ran out the door.

If I let you love me
Be the one adored
Would you go all the way?
Be the one I’m looking for?

                  I saw him in the studio. His face on his palm. I don’t get it. Why is he acting like this? Isn’t everything enough for him already? He got everything. The car. The money. The life. The… girls. “Teagan, what are you thinking?!” I thought to my self. I didn’t noticed that my right hand opened the door gently. My feet brought me inside. CLICK! I saw him look at me. Sad eyes. That’s all I see. “Sorry..” I said. He shook his head. “Don’t be.” He said. He pat the seat beside him. I wanted to say no and leave but I don’t know how I got beside him. “Are you ok?” I asked him. “Yeah… I am.” He said. “Teagan?” He whispered and slowly held my hand. “Teagan, are you mad at me? Do you believe all those stuff you heard about me? Do you think I’m a bad person?” He stopped, he started to cry, “I can’t do this anymore. I can’t do this anymore…”

                  My heart started to hurt. My heart aches when he cries. I don’t want him crying. “Aidan..” I called out his name. “Please, don’t cry. I don’t believe those things. Please hold on. I know this is your dream.” I didn’t know how those stuff got out my mouth. “I love you. I’ve always love you.” What is he saying. “I know you don’t believe me. I don’t expect you to believe me. I’ve loved you since I saw you at that wretched school.” He smirked, still has tears on his eyes. “I love you.” I felt him kiss my hand. I smiled. “Aidan..” He looked at me. “Say my name again.” He begged. “Aidan Murray. I– ” I couldn’t finished what I would like to say, as he hugged me tight and felt his lips kiss mine.

Banana’s note: If you are like me, where you have embarrassing photos of yourself back in 2007 where your bangs are side swept, and you wear studded belts, Converse or Vans is your thing. This song is Paramore’s Adore. You can listen it through this here.

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