Bookish pet peeves

I have been very interested in reading and books since I got my first book about Little Mermaid. Then I got this book of saints back in elementary days, but later in those years, I got my first 4 novels of Harry Potter. I have been saying in this in previous posts that I literally fell in love with words, books, and stories in for that matter.

Okay, what is pet peeve:

Since I started to collect books when I got my first job, there are a few things that I find annoying, physically on books. I love books series, may it be a duology, trilogy, or a whole heap of 7-10 book series. The thing is, I would love to have all books in paperback or hardbound. However, there are times that books are quite difficult to find. For example, my Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare are all paperback, perfect! But no, their sizes are different, specifically the first one:.

I did try to look for the same book with the same size and height, but as you can see, it is a fail. I got other books like this, 1 or 2 are in paperbacks or in hardbounds. I know I said that it is quite annoying, but I keep buying such books, as it could be that I love the story and definitely can’t wait to finish the next book or wait for the available paperback or hardbound copy.

Aside from the size, I don’t like books that has stickers. I find it ruins the masterpiece. I mean, this is no exaggeration, there are times that you see a masterpiece before even reading them. But, it sucks when it has stickers like: “Now in a motion picture” or like “Netflix Series” or sometimes, “Special Target Edition”. Just like this here:

Hey, I know I can find books that does not have any stickers or this little circle thing. But hey, the next thing that I don’t really like are movie tie-in covers. I don’t want to say ugly, but sometimes it’s just weird, you know. Yes, yes, there are copies that I can buy that is not in any way, movie tie-ins. However, there are times these devils are actually just a little cheaper. I am not born rich, and I work my ass off just to fill the thirst of this book buying. And cheap is just gonna cut it:

And what I really don’t like most are dog-ear, folding a page, highlighting parts of a passage, same as underlining, and coffee/tea stains on books. Most of my friends who borrows books from me would ask, “Is this new?”, “Have you read this yet? Doesn’t seem like it.”, or “Is this book just on display?”. I get that a lot, which I always worry when it comes to have my books being borrowed. However, I have a few friends that also takes care of my books, you know who you are! Here is one of the books that I let a friend borrow and returned like this:

I know I have friends who also has these kinds of peeves. What are yours?

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