Past, Present, Perfect – What I have to say..

Hey, this is my second post this month, just a few days apart! I am on a roll! *grin*

What a few of my friends know that I don’t usually watch Filipino movies, fight me! I mean, the same plot is given to every one. Poor girl marries rich guy, happy story. Or poor guy marries girl, girl cheats, end of story. In short, REPEATING CYCLE! But hey, most of us still watch it anyway.

For this show, I was a little curious when I saw trailers on TV. Since it should the main character to be fond of writing, etc. The curiosity killed the cat, I downloaded iWantTV app and knew that it was a 7 part series. So, I won’t be left in the dark. That’s good. I started around Thursday last week, from that moment on, I was hooked.

Let me sum this up for you, it is about a girl in high school early 2000s, whom likes to read poetry and novels, and create her own. Her adviser left and was replaced by a rather cool and good looking guy in her early 30s. They both connected due to a similar liking to literature and creative writing. Where the teacher encourages her to do it as a living, rather than a hobby. To which she took to heart, but too childish as she fell for him. Fast forward to the future, she was a struggling writer who takes part-time jobs subbing porn. Yep! I won’t go into details in case you want to watch it yourself.

I did just say that I don’t like watching Filipino movies, though I am no doubt a 100% Filipino, what I just want to say about it and think about it. This is why, the lead is shown in the future how she struggles. With life, with her writing, with work, and with everything in between. I could fully relate to this. Why? She struggles so much that she thought she already had figured her life when she decided to be a writer. Well, that’s what she thought.

I am not too sure if every one is thinking this and have compared themselves to their peers or anyone on the same age bracket. I surely did, and I do it a lot. Which causes my anxiety to go haywire and results to no sleep. I kid you not. Hey, it was never in my head that I am working where I am now, despite my Bachelor’s degree. And here I am struggling to pursue that degree after not being able to practice it for the last 6 years or make a living out of the hobby I wish I had more background with. That is why I say I relate to this series in so many level. Not just the struggles that you are facing that you are nearing the 30s bracket, but have to crush the norms of the society that you really have not figured out what you want to do in life.

When it gets like this, I usually talk to my dad about it. Which the main character does too. She looks for the person that always has her back and believes in her more than anyone else. I know for the fact that her dad and mine as well, does not know what he is also doing. When my parents had me and my sister, there was never a manual about raising a kid, 2 kids for that matter. He’d always tell me, “Take it on your own pace. You will be surprised that one day, you’re already where you wanted to be years ago, and you’re better at it.”. To which the dad on this series tells her the same thing. That’s what I also learned from this series. You cannot rush things, especially your writing. You can take your time and live, or live while you keep reaching for your dreams. Hey, they dubbed this as a ‘romantic’ series. But I beg to differ. There is a whole big picture to focus, rather than the loves in our lives. Which can some times, destroy you, in the process of living. But never the people who believes in you and what you do.

It is a great timing that this post is on Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in the world, and to my dad who has thought me to believe in myself. You guys are great! Don’t ever thing otherwise!

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