[Poetry] To read or not to read?

Back then, I have always been into such type of literature. This was during me and my obsession over emo songs, Harry Potter, and my non-existent emo boyfriend then. I was into reading then, but poems, poetry for that matter was not that interesting to me until I met the band Paramore. Yes, that Paramore.

I first heard their song, My Heart, it just did not sound like music to my ears, because duh, it is. It also sounds like a story told to me with a very heart felt intention. I mean, have you ever heard this song? Click on the link. And no, this is not a paid advertisement. I wish. So, let’s go back. Since I got to listen to these songs and my emo self started to come out, all my books back in highschool (textbooks), and notebooks are full of, what my teacher used to say, eerie, suicidal, emotional, and creepy words. Which I almost got in trouble for. I studied at a Catholic school then.

Honestly, it was something that literally came out of nowhere with no experience of such feelings that laid out into words. What made me do it, was actually with the songs that I listen to and movies that I watch. I used to and still do, listen to Paramore, Silverstein, Hawthorne Heights, Yellowcard, Incubus, blink-182, Taking Back Sunday, etc. And I mean the year 2007 and back are way better. Do I hear emo hearts scream, yeah?!

Kidding aside, I kept writing them then I started writing stories. Just recently, I was reading a poem collection written by Lang Leav (big fan since her Tumblr days). When I started to remember the poems that I wrote. Which by the way, I no longer have any hold of since I lost my textbooks and notebooks then. But here I am, writing why I love them and why I still want to write them, even the absences of inspiration these days and then there is stress.

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I have mentioned Lang Leav previously, and I kept saying this every time I point it out to other people, I am seriously a big fan. She’s one of the contemporary poetess that you are likely to meet in a cafe or somewhere about the city. Or at the beach, I heard she likes it. Her words, man, they are relatable. Her words are of a little girl who is wishing, hoping, and dreaming of love. And she also sounds like one, I am not kidding. With her works becoming so popular these days, I have others like her, Rupi Kaur, Amanda Lovelace, Lang’s boyfriend Michael Faudet, and Neil Hillborn etc., to name a few.

Not a lot like contemporary poets. Let’s face it, there are a lot of people who do not like these kind of poems as they are more of a traditional type. Yes, those works are amazing as well. No doubt. But with contemporary, let’s say a lot of the newer generations are more to relate to it. Though I find Charles Bukowski, though more of Dirty realism, and transgressive fiction is how is he is categorized, is much more relatable. You should read his works, they’re amazing!

I have a few friends who reads books and are not into this kind of written word. I find poetry and prose a way to express yourself all at once. No holds barred or you can express yourself in just a few lines. Rather than putting everything in a whole story where you beat around the bush. Its rhythm and flow and very deep meaning actually makes me lost in my thoughts for a good while.

I have listed a few foreigner poets on my list, but of course, I won’t forget Denver, a friend of mine, and of course one of my favorite, Kota Yamada. Whose 2nd and 3rd book I have not picked up yet. Sorry, Kota! Who are both Cebu’s pride. If you happen want to read their books, they can be contacted via their Instagram profiles via @denverejemtorres and @kotayamadaph respectively.

What I am saying is that, poetry and prose are not as different as reading a whole book. They can give you the whole story in a few lines and it makes you think. Let me know of your favorite poems! 🙂

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