[Photos] Why I take pictures

I am seriously in writer’s block. It took me time to think of a topic. I was also asking for some ideas from friends, but you know friends. They give you the dirtiest topic they’ll come up with. I am referring to my Team Porsche. 😛 Also, after New Year’s and Aussie Day (since I work in an Australian company) it has been very busy these days. My back is killing me!

Enough of that. I am not sure, if you have read by About page but I did mention that I am of a wannabe photographer. I don’t have the skills and I don’t have the tools. But I make do with mobile phones. Though, I did ask my dad to buy me a DSLR, which by the way I have not used in years. Sorry, pops! I was so jealous of the artistic way a photo is taken. Thinking it is very easy as it is just a click of that button and viola! You’re done with your picture. Nope, not really.

With my DSLR from my experience, I couldn’t even get a decent photo of what I see in front of me. No justice at all. And I suck at editing. Oh how, suck at it. That was then when phones were not so focused the megapixels are on the camera or what kind of phone you are using with your pictures. Now a few people I know are in to these Mobile Photography. And man, do they have the skills. And I still suck at it. I envy the photos and how they can capture the beauty and the story.

Now, I know I say, I suck. But that doesn’t stop me from taking pictures. Or open a different Instagram account for those pictures only. Or even make this blog entry. I may use applications to make my photos look a little bit presentable or “unique”. I am no expert and I just love how photos turn out. It captures the moment, even though that moment is only and will now be only manifested on the picture you took.


The applications I usually use to take my pictures, whenever I get inspired or something just pops inside my head, are Nomo, Huji, and Kuji. As you can see, or if you use these apps, these are likely film looking or lomography. They make your pictures look vintage looking era ’98. I bet you still have photo and photo albums where your heads are cut off.

These apps are all free. However, if you wish to use its full functionality, you can get a paid version of it. The most expensive app I paid for is Nomo. It cost about 1, 000 PhP+ to get it for a whole. Worth it though. If you get this paid version, you can share with 2 other devices. The phone you used to sign up, plus 2 more. Can be your friends or if you are selfish like me, then have them on all 3 of your phones! *evil snicker*

I am thinking of using my DSLR again though, but I do need to have it checked out or may be, if money is available, get a mirrorless camera. That would be in the far fetched future. By the way, the phones I use are Huawei Nova 3i, iPhone 5S, and Samsung J7 Pro.

I do hope that I get better. And take more pretty pictures and do justice to them. You can follow the my Instagram where I publish pictures from time to time at @bananatakespics.

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