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I have not been writing much, due to life happened. Too many dramas about work and career path choices. However, though I am here to talk about the experience I had when I was asked about writing.

I am not sure how to react when a person made a face when I gave the person my answer to their question. This was when I had an interview last week, the person asked me, “How do you get inspiration when you write?” and “Where do you get your inspiration?”. I am not too sure by other people but I usually write better when it rains. So, I said, “Usually, it’s how the weather goes. Also, I write more and better when it rains.” So, the interviewer made this face and went, “Really?!”, disgusted? Or it was just me. I can’t really explain how the person looked like it was like that person never heard of it before.

I follow a lot of Booktubers on Youtube, and most of them write as well. They can do it in a month, with a goal of 50,000 words or more. This is during every November and what they call a NaNoWriMo. I mean, you could have writer’s block in that whole month and can’t write even a single word. The ways they look for inspiration may or may not let them write what they intend to write. I mean, you have to write a whole, original, and close to perfect novels for the next 31 days.

I know that I am not someone who is notable for any of what I write, however, when getting that reaction when I gave my answer, this usually drives my anxiety haywire. I mean, I don’t write much and I did write at least 68,499 words in a span of few months, which can be a novel. But this is a fan fiction about the Kpop band I made. Only a few of my friends has read this. And it is not in my intention to share it to the whole wide world, yet. Maybe.

All I am trying to say though, that most of the things I have wrote was because it was pouring hard. This is usually I can think of stories. They usually bother me like how my sister bothers me every day. Or it sometimes hits me while I am walking, eating, reading, and even while taking a bath. When this happens though, if I have a laptop near me, I type it down. This is also where my notebook and pens, that I bring every day comes in handy. Yes, colleagues, that is why I bring such a huge bag with me every single day to work. Because, you don’t know when it would come rushing.

I’ve learned my lesson once, where I was day dreaming while riding a bus to work. Where I don’t have any thing in handy, and I lost that story somewhere in my head. I can’t reach it any more. Help!

And hey, this is the proof that I wrote that almost a novel fan fiction:

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